Premiere: Blutch – Rebirth (Azo Remix)


The Kiosk Radio resident puts her own spin on the Brittany native’s original for Astropolis Records.

Various mugs and glasses had begun to gather around her bed; half eaten takeaways and empty beer bottles filled in the gaps around the room. The outside world seemed like a distant place, one she know longer felt part of. Things had started spiralling some weeks ago after she’d been dealt a heavy romantic blow, and since then wallowing and festering had served as her remedy of choice. Deep down she knew that eventually this period would pass and the rebirth phase would begin…


Family member Blutch makes his return to Astropolis Records – the label arm of the festival of the same name – for a brand new EP, Condate. His long player for the imprint last year was a masterclass in colour and melody that saw him play with strains of electronica, IDM and breakbeat. This time round, he still retains that boldness and emotion but with a more dance floor-focused approach. Backed up by a remix from Brussels-based producer and Kiosk Radio resident Azo, the EP flirts with cosmic synths, slick trance influences and crisp breakbeats.


Condate will be released on 24th march via Astropolis Records.