Premiere: Black Cadmium – Chemistry Till The Break Of Dawn Mix


Excitement had quickly turned into euphoria — an emotion they barely recognised after a year of non-events. It was arresting, all-consuming, a feeling they didn’t want to subside for an eternity. And it wouldn’t, at least until dawn broke, and even then they’d find a new place to play, a space to dance until their energy faded away.

DJs and producers Joginda Macnack and Mike Richards are the minds behind Black Cadmium, a duo navigating the rave-tinged corners of the electronic music spectrum. Following a recent contribution to Carista’s Modern Intimacy compilation, and several EPs for Vault Wax, Afro Deep and Ovum, they make their debut on Violet’s naive imprint with Chemistry, one of their most diverse outings yet. The five tracks touch on a host of different influences, working from heady broken beat to full throttle rave, jacking Chicago house and explosive jungle.