Premiere: Birds of Pandæmonium – Days Go By


From end to end, the lakefront thronged with the summer-starved, heady with the haze of solar rays and factor-50 fumes. Native sounds succumb to boombox battles, leaving an aftermath of syncopated cacophonies. Ravenous for human contact and a backdrop of hedonistic normality, she begins her nervous approach, wrangling a socially-distant spot to throw down a towel and a half-read novel. Through the ambient noise of collective voices and orbit of passersby, the tribal-contentment permeates her body more than the sun ever could.

Launching from NY-based label Our Starry Universe and landing directly into the beginning of summer is Birds of Pandæmonium’s ‘Days Go By’. The release is an oasis of sun-soaked nostalgia, featuring the original mix alongside two genre-shifted remixes by Bryan Mette and an instrumental. Our pick is the title track, dripping in sultry dark-wave-infused vocals sitting atop an instrumental containing as much life-affirming grandiosity as David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’.