Premiere: Bianca Oblivion – Respire [Couvre x Chefs]

CxC Vol2 CARRE FIXE Bianca Oblivion
Written by Annie Parker

Taken from the second compilation from Paris-based Couvre x Chefs (CxC), Bianca Oblivion delivers a high-octane tribal-infused club track, representing L.A. in the label’s showcase of the most cutting-edge club music from around the world.

They gathered in their masses and took to the streets to stand up for what they believe in, saturated by adrenaline that coursed through their veins and made it hard to distinguish between feelings of ecstasy, fear, hatred and despair. This time it would be their bodies that empower them; not punish them. They would prove the power of occupation on their own terms – occupying space and environment. When a foot is stamped it sends warning signs to the earth’s core; when a fist is thrust it crushes the possibility of something unfolding its place. It was their body’s mobility that would serve as their greatest weapon.


Following previous collaborations with the likes of Jersey Club Queen UNiiQU3 and Parisian Vogue connoisseur Lazy Flow, Bianca Oblivion returns with a solo endeavour. ‘Respire’ sees club music reach its most fierce form: driven initially by an assertive 4×4 rhythm that pulsates beneath prickly vocal chops which carry their own rhythm. But it’s not long before things take a turn with an epic crescendo which leads to a rhythmic shift: the 4×4 rhythm becomes triplet and carries through a carnival-esque dembow energy throughout the track’s remainder.

With the title ‘Respire’ issuing the command in Spanish to ‘breathe’, it is the music itself that delivers further instruction, imploring its listener – in a playful yet somewhat aggressive tone – to move. This one solidifies Oblivion’s status as one of the most promising up-and-comers in the global club music circuit. Catch this one in a set from the likes of Nick León or Manuka Honey.


CxC Vol. 2 is out in full via Couvre x Chefs on 11th March. Pre-order the album here.

You can also now get tickets for the release party next Saturday March 12th in Paris: Bianca Oblivion (France debut), Le Motel + CxC members BJF, Scarlett, Tévéa and Næja. Tickets here.