Premiere: Belizian Voodoo Priest – Dance To The Bass (MS III Drum & Bass Mix)


Protean producer Steve Miggedy Maestro returns as his Afro House moniker, this time with a full-length album exploring the genre’s many textures and flavours.

The floor where he stamped scattered into a million pieces, converting itself to  cloud before becoming the ground again. This would commence a series of movements from either side of the floor, each one delivered with enough force to destine the whole area they occupied for sublimation. But this wasn’t an act of violence, it was a demonstration of connectedness – to the earth and those with whom they shared it.


Belizian Voodoo Priest is one of five aliases associated with Steve Miggedy Maestro. Having previously collaborated with the likes of Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Janet Jackson, George Clinton and Faith Evans, ‘Drums On The One’ sees the Chicago producer goes solo with 12 tracks which explore the most jubilant intersection of afro house, tribal and deep house.

‘Dance To The Bass (MS III Drum & Bass Mix)’ carries with it an infectious energy, courtesy of a deep pulsating bass and sharp claps which are later filled out by hi-hats and a funky bassline melody. It embodies the midpoint between the album’s cooler, more club-oriented sounds, and those warmer and more soulful. If you’re in need of some premature sunshine, full album is now available to listen on Traxsource. Link here.