Premiere: Forgotten Frequencies – Waves (We Should Hang Out More Remix)

5 Minute Read
Forgotten Frequencies – Simpler Vibrations ART

We Should Hang Out More remix Forgotten Frequencies on In the Event of Capture.

The ocean was quiet, there was little which disturbed the surface of the vast expanse of water but for the occasional raindrop which fell from the grey, overcast sky up above.

The mid afternoon sun had long since vanished, hidden behind a cloak of clouds as the last stragglers left the beach for the day to return to the haven of their apartments before the storm rolled in.

Soon there would be waves, grand ones and wild ones at that. They would batter the shore and the town would soon be awash with sand and grit, the only reminder that the beach had ever even been there at all.

That was life in paradise…


Forgotten Frequencies is remixed by infamous Glasgow party starters We Should Hang out More on the newly launched label In The Event of Capture.

Their remix is perhaps more understated and sombre than we might stereotypically expect but that is what makes it all the more special. This one is a treat…