Premiere: Cuften – No More Sunday Regrets (Cate Hortl Remix)

AR15 – Cuften – Animal Suicide artwork

The Planet Phuture and Tripalium producer makes his debut on French label Astropolis Records with a five-track EP featuring remixes from Legowelt and Cate Hortl.

Head hazy, eyes blurred; even the sliver of light creeping through the curtain feels invasive, total darkness is needed. Memories? What memories? Any recollection of the evening before had been lost in a smog of shame and regret, at least for now. The fragments would slowly become clearer as Sunday unravelled, they’d unveil themselves whether invited to or not; a story being pieced back together chapter by chapter, though some parts would be better left to the imagination…


French artist Cuften has been flying the flag for a new generation of rave producers in the country over the last five years. Connecting the dots between IDM, hardcore, techno and electro, his analog sound pays homage to the 90s heyday, when these sounds reigned supreme, whilst keeping his eyes firmly on the future. With EPs for Tripalium, Minimum Syndicat and rave veteran Marc Acardipane’s Planet Phuture under his belt, he now makes his mark on Astropolis Records with Animal Suicide, a five-track release packed with his trademark blend of future-facing old school techno, that comes backed by remixes from Legowelt and Cate Hortl.