Premiere: Atonal – Flight

2 Minute Read

Lost in the 1990’s and rediscovered.

Travelling amidst the clouds the world down below could occasionally be seen through the mist and the fog. Glimpses of life back down there on planet earth were slim as they headed skywards into the darkness. Flickering lights danced and glimmered as they travelled over cities and into the abyss beyond. Up there, in flight, there was little to connect them with civilisation below but for the smiles and expressions of the fellow passengers suspended in mid air. Who knew when they would land?

There’s a fascinating story behind the release of a new record on Cold Blow. A London based record label has rediscovered a collection of lost ambient techno recorded in the 90’s. They tell the story behind the record which is now seeing the light of day for the first time.


“‘Bridge’ was to be the Edinburgh-born Kieran Warren’s debut release circa 1994 on Metatone – a short-lived techno label by J. M. Adkins (Electro Music Union) and Damon D’Cruz (Jack Trax, Chill). As fate had it, Metatone folded before the album got printed, and the music was lost in time. That is until Adkins tipped us off while we were working on his anthology, the 2019 double LP “Electro Music Union, Sinoesin & Xonox Works 1993-1994″.

Last year’s Cithare EP was the world’s first glimpse at the fuzzy, warm techno archives of Kieran Warren. As a sequel, we at Cold Blow lovingly restored and compiled our vision of the ‘94 “Bridge” while tapping into the same demo archives that were being scoured through by Metatone in their day.”