Premiere: Vince Watson – Holographic (Carl Craig’s Ride Or Die Anthem)

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Vince Watson Carl Craig

Friends and associates remix and rework the material of Vince watson on new compilation.

There were a myriad of colours which leaked through the glass from outside. It was dark in here but beautiful and bright out there. From time to time they’d catch a glimpse of the radiant sky and the glow of the sun through the windows, it was like a holographic vision in the midst of the thick black fog which lingered in the air as the drums rumbled and clattered. This place was special, some had called it a temple in the past. Watching it all from the corner of the room he took a deep breath and proceeded forward into the smoke.

Vince Watson is remixed by a collection of friends and associates on a new compilation called “DnA [re]Sequenced”. The package includes material and reworks by the likes of Steve Rachmad, Claude Young, John Beltran and more. However, it was this remix from the pioneer that is Carl Craig which really caught our attention.


Check the sampler HERE.