Premiere: Matisa – This Is A Dream, Grandma!

1Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A forthcoming release on Moxie’s label ‘On Loop’

She floated in and out of consciousness, dancing between the stars and the murky black of the dense night sky. In her wildest imagination she could not fathom the sights and sounds of this magical fantasy. Somewhere back on planet earth she could hear her children singing wildy, shouting up to her, they were trying to hell her that this was all but a mad, magnificent dream. However, it felt just as real as anything which had come before, that much was certain as she began to lose herself in the night time dance.

Matisa is set to release a new EP on Moxie’s record label On Loop – this one has already been doing the rounds in clubs and at festivals so we expect it to cause quite a stir. Fast paced house with a nod to the glory, hedonistic days of trance gone by.