Premiere: Artefakt – Cambium


The forest was dense and tightly crowded with tall trees and thick greenery which blocked the sunlight from reaching the depths of the wood. Wild things grew here, wild creatures and animals lived amongst the plants, the cork and cambium. The wind howled and blew a cold chill from the East, it sent a shiver down any stray foot-soldiers back as they marched between the towering evergreens. The snow underfoot crunched and creaked beneath each weighted footstep as they marched onwards into the unknown… 

Artefakt are one of the most intriguing and exciting duos in techno at present, their textural approach to sound design which depends heavily on ambient layers and melodic flurries is often shimmering and beautiful. The pair are set to release a new LP on Delsin, an imprint upon which they have found a home for their delicately poised techno. 

The new album is called “Days Bygone” and will be released on the 10th of May. Listen below: