Premiere: Yosh – Skyline (Angel D’lite Remix)

Dansu Discs – DSD033 – A SIDE – 4000px
Written by Reid Barton-Golden

Yosh lands on Dansu Discs with a UK-G influenced package.

The engine was silent as the cabin ripped through the arid, desolate, wasteland. While the closest star pierced its rays through the thin atmosphere, melting any unprotected life form in its gaze, the curious passenger still couldn’t help but take in the beauty of the sights. The bright red sediments outside appeared to glow with extreme heat. The mag-train would take him halfway around the planet in just a few hours. This journey was strictly business, but he made sure to carefully plan the train ride. Tonight, all three of this system’s stars would dip below the horizon, creating a spectacular atmospheric phenomenon. As the colors above him began to churn, he fixed his gaze upon the sky.


Yosh is quickly establishing himself as one of the fastest-moving producers in the scene. His upcoming Skyline EP with Dansu Discs marks his second appearance on the leading underground label this year, and follows his inaugural Holding Hands Submerged release earlier this year. Yosh impresses yet again with Skyline: a straight-to-business UKG variety pack with a dreamy visit from Angel D’lite, the lone remixer on the EP, who’s made plenty of noise herself recently, including drops on the sought-after Bristol hotbed, Banoffee Pies.


Skyline will be released on 26th November via Dansu Discs.