Premiere: Angle – Hold Your Breath


Piero and Thomas are Angle, a duo based in Italy and who we're really happy to have come across, because quite simply they make amazing modular techno. Piero is also the designer for Tiptop Audio Records, a California label dedicated to sound research through the use of modular synthesizers. The label have previously put out a pair of compilations with tracks from the likes of Blawan and Surgeon, and now they're releasing Angle's debut EP Hold Your Breath.

We're premiering the excellent title track, an electro missile of bouncy synths and gridsnap drums. Disembodied female voices float around in the ether, but this is the most dancefloor-ready haunting I've ever experienced. One for late night man on a mission motorway driving methinks.

Hold Your Breath is out 23rd Sept on Tiptop Audio Records.


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