Premiere: Ancient Plastix – Faultliner


The Liverpool producer returns to Maple Death Records for the follow up to his 2020 debut album.

A jumble of empty words and impassioned pleas had been thrown back and forth across the room, but they hadn’t got anywhere, they simply couldn’t come to a decision. There was arguments for both sides, pros and cons lists in abundance, but one by one each piece of information was declared redundant or unfounded. Neither would budge, either out of pride or stubbornness, and until their was some flexibility or movement from one side the cycle would continue for eternity…


Liverpool producer Ancient Plastix returns to Maple Death Records for the successor to his debut LP S/T, which came out at the end of 2020. Pace and rhythm were at the core of that release but conversely on this follow up, titled II, the compositions are slow-moving and gentle, offering a moment to sit back and let the vibrations absorb you whole. Reflecting ‘the personal era’ he was in at the time of making the release, which was as lockdown was coming to an end, the seven tracks were recorded straight on to cassette using an arsenal of synths, keyboards and guitar pedals.