Premiere: H.L.M. – Grenoble (The Hacker Remix)


A homage to the “capital of the French alps” complete with remixes from The Hacker, Arnaud Rebotini and Pablo Bozzi.

“An apartment building, floors, songs. In the stairwell, a meeting: sound artist, radio interference manipulator and musician-producer-arranger. The bass escapes from the cellar and vibrates along the corridors. A door opens, oscillations swirl, clash, and blur the tracks. A voice rises. Concrete architecture. Bodies armed for expression. In the distance, the echo of a rave party.”


H.L.M (Haute Lévitation Mutée), the project of Guillaume Laidain & Andrew Claristidge, are next up on artist duo, agency and label Milk Me’s release schedule. Titled ‘Grenoble’, the single is a homage in name to the Southwestern city where H.L.M. met and is coincidentally also the home of one of the release remixers, French electro luminary The Hacker. He’s joined on remix duties by an equally strong French cast of Arnaud Rebotini and Pablo Bozzi, who together put their own spins on the moody, chugging EBM of the original, which is laced with hypnotic spoken word and haunting synth lines.