Premiere: DOTT – Among the Lines

5 Minute Read

The More Rice boss readies a new EP on Boiled Wonderland.

There were patterns everywhere, every crack in the sidewalk was part of something far bigger if he could only grasp it. Among the lines there were lessons to be learnt, lessons as to how the world around him worked and where it could be pulled apart. 

Walking the streets of the busy city he couldn’t help but look around at all the faceless beings, their empty stories and chaotic ambitions. They’d all come here to live the dream and reach their goals amidst the bright lights of the skyscrapers and late night diners. Who knew whether they might make it out the other side…


DOTT is the founder of pioneering record store and label More Rice based in Bangkok. He has helped breathe life into the progressive underground dance and electronic music community in the city and beyond. His new EP on Boiled Wonderland – a deep moving, dubbed out release which is reminiscent of old school Garage, UK Bass inspired influences and beyond..

Listen below: