Premiere: Cyborg Nerve – Machine Effect


Cyphon Recordings welcome the side project of Tijuana sibling duo Soul of Hex for an electro EP.

The machinery came to a clattering halt, the sheer sound of it forcing the entire building to judder and shake. The factory had seen better days; the brickwork was crumbling away, the smell of dust and oil hung thick in the air and clung to your clothes. It was a wonder it still operated as it did, that it even opened on a daily basis or that it managed to retain enough staff to keeping things ticking over. Slowly but surely its purpose was becoming defunct, but it would cling on to life for as long as humanly possible…


Cyphon Recordings next signing have made a name for themselves under a number of different aliases. The Tijuana-based brother duo have had deep house outings as Soul of Hex and a debut as Mano De Fuego on Underground Resistance, but with this brand new project, Cyborg Nerve, their focus is firmly on electro. Balancing crystallised intergalactic cuts and raw, machine funk grooves, the EP is a triumphant introduction to the newest musical string to the Vicario Musique Recordings bow.