Premiere: A.M.S & Dogworld! – Watch This!!


The screen flickered and flashed, colours fuzzed and blurred as the machine worked hard to ensure that it did not overheat. Sitting in the living room was a small family, a collective of individuals with different interests and tastes. What was about to happen however, was something that the whole family could enjoy. The end of the world was due for broadcast later that evening and people had gathered up and down the country to be close with the ones that they loved. A countdown was well underway and it was loud and beckoning. Soon the screen would begin to talk to the room, a simple reminder that they were to 'watch this'. 

A.M.S & Dogworld have collaborated on a new EP which will be the first release on their newly launched record label Club In Theory. The EP is a restrained, thoughtful take on electronic music channeling elements of house and beyond. 

Listen below: