Premiere: Alan Fitzpatrick – Tribe (Chip Jacks Remix)


There's something rather wonderful about the smell that comes from cooking home-made chips – whether it's the actual smell or more a case of your achievement that causes your nostrils to sample a new kind of pleasure is unclear but there's no denying that what you're left with is an overwhelmingly positive situation. You've got no need to jack al the cooking in after all and you should bask in the glorious work that your countless hours in the kitchen have resulted in.

That's probably a bit like how Chip Jacks feels when he listens back to his remix of 'Tribe', the new sounds from Alan Fitzpatrick, as he's managed to create an aural offering that's not too different to the original version yet he's still able to have his own stamp on things and make something rather special and unique indeed. See what you think of the remix and let your ears chow down right here;

Tribe is out on 12th October via Whistleblower.