Premiere: Jamie 3:26 & Khadeeja – Speak Your Love (Theo Parrish Remix)

5 Minute Read

Deep, soulful sounds with a production style only Theo can command.

They hadn’t spoken for a little while now. The phone which had used to ring every night had gone quiet and there was nobody there on the other side of the line.

How he wished that she would pick up, speak her love and forgive him.

He sat watching the world go by from an apartment which had once been theirs. What he would do for her to burst through the door, a warm embrace and their favourite food cooking in the kitchen.

It had been too long.


Jamie 3:26 & Khadeeja deliver all kinds of funk on a new EP for Jamie’s own 3:26 Records. It is also matched with a remix from Detroit pioneer and maestro Theo Parrish who reworks ‘Speak Your Love’ into a broken House infused groove packed with intricacy and spirit.

Listen below: