Premiere: 99 Letters – Mikage


The flowers blew softly in the haze of the afternoon sunshine, the fog was slowly beginning to lift beneath the strain of the heat from above. It beamed down upon the summer meadow as he walked between the wild colours which danced atop a spectrum of radiant green. The sky was a dense, deep blue. It seemed so very far away from him down here on earth as he wandered lonely between the elegant blossom. The day would soon be done and he would retreat back to his home only to do it all again the next. 

99 Letters is set to release a new album, a collection of beautiful balearic beats which blurs the lines between trip hop, house and IDM. Titled “Shirankedo” the new album is the latest in a string of works which has seen 99 Letters explore the breadth of electronica, this is perhaps the best yet. 

Listen below: