Premiere: 70’s Network – Banana Pill


Powder yellow, sweet to taste upon the tongue. It was a banana pill, a mythical substance designed to delight and entice the senses. It made him feel alive, not like himself in the best of senses. He danced the long night through as the music rumbled and echoed between his ears. The room was empty but for him and the speakers. All of his melancholy and sadness was left behind upon entry and now amidst the darkness he was at ease, at peace, at one like never before. 

Human Disease Network do not f**k about, a label with a powerful sense of itself and one which releases music designed to bang hard in the club and make you dance. The latest release from 70’s Network is no exception and is a timely reminder of how great nightlife and dance music can be in the right hands. A new favourite. 

Listen below: