First Listen: Playgroup – Better This Way (Feat Mike Z)


The news travelled fast when Trevor Jackson announced that 2016 would be the year in which new music would emerge from his much loved 'Playgroup' project. The dance group had produced some of the most pioneering music of the elctroclash genre and had become cult icons between 1997 and 2001. 

Trevor Jackson had himself been absent from musical production up until last year when he released his album FORMAT. However, his absence certainly didn't mean that he had nothing left to give. Thirty previously unreleased Playgroup tracks are now being released across a nine week period. It is with great delight that we are now able to bring you an exclusive first play of a previously unreleased Playgroup collaboration with Mike Z. Trevor Jackson introduces the track in his own words below…

"Better this way features vocals from Mike Z of the legendary new wave band Crash Course in Science. Formed in 1979 in philadelphia they became known for using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesised beats. Their new wave anthems 'Flying Turns' and 'Cardboard Lamb' are true genre classics, tracks have featured on many great labels (Minimal wave, Dark entries) Trevor Jackson featured a track 'Jump over barrels’ on his Metal Dance 2 compilation, and they’ve been remixed by Trentmoller, Ricardo Villalobos, Terence Fixmer & Tadd Mulliniex under his Charles Manier moniker. 'Better this way' is co-produced by Sasha Crnobrnja from Inflagranti and is one of two tracks featuring Mike Z as part of the Playgroup ‘Previously Unreleased’ series (Total Collapse featured on EP#4)"

Listen to the track below:

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