Premiere: we.amps – Airwalk To Fakie

5 Minute Read

Fun House for summer festivals and lively clubs.

The sun was setting on the boulevard as he prepared to line up for the last run of the day. He was tired and beaten, his feet were weary and he struggled to rally himself to the forefront to repeat the process.

Most of the other skaters had headed home for the evening having succumbed to the dense warmth of the midsummer sun.

He began to roll, moving slowly forwards before kicking up speed.

This was it, as he weaved between the cracks and bumps in the direction of the slope. Then he kicked out, airwalk to fakie and land.

The day was done.


we.amps are set to release a new EP on Funnuvojere Records – a fun filled assortment of bass driven house music which will do damage in happy go lucky clubs and on the festival circuit this summer.

Listen below: