Premiere: ORYAH – The Ship

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Low-slung, dream-like, ambience with reverb soaked vocals from East Coast artist ORYAH


A ship made of dreams, with a candy cane whip.  It sailed through the sky, on a chocolate sea,  With unicorns dancing, as merry as can be.

The stars were made of marshmallow fluff, And the moon was a cookie, just waiting to puff. ORYAH laughed and sang, in this sugary land, As the ship sailed on, with a fudge-covered band.

But soon, they hit a licorice storm, And the ship started to twist and to squirm. ORYAH cried out, “Hold on, everyone!”,
As they rode the waves of licorice, having so much fun.

With a twist and a twirl, and a sugary spin, They made it through the storm, with grins on their chin. ORYAH and the crew, on their wav.max quest, Found nonsense and sweetness, in every test.



Oryah draws influence from the likes of Kendrick, Lil Wayne and more.

“The SHIP!” conveys the ethereal sensation of falling deeply in love with one’s soulmate. “The short lyrical phrases are short, sweet, and simple just like how falling in quality love should be.”

Listen below: