Premiere: Midnight Traffic – Free Fall

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Option Paralysis Cover

Think Aphex’s Didgeridoo meeting Pearson Sound late at night, down a dark alley with the streetlights pulsing away, creating a ball of confusion and pent up energy.


Midnight Traffic – Free Fall, a release independent and wild,  Dancing zebras in the sky, they were so beguiled,
Twinkling stars as DJ’s, the moon’s face all smiled, In this cosmic party, where every creature styled.

Giraffes in disco pants, penguins moonwalked with style, Hippos spun like tops, it was worth every mile,
Midnight Traffic’s tunes made the animals go mild, In this topsy-turvy world, where nonsense was compiled.

Elephants did the cha-cha, and kangaroos freestyle, Lions roared in rhythm, their manes in a pile,
Midnight Traffic’s magic, it went on for a while, In this wacky wonderland, where joy was versatile!



Midnight Traffic, the alias of Hyderabad-based producer DJ Rishi, is readying “Option Paralysis Vol. 1,” a 4-track EP out on Bandcamp on October 6, 2023. With releases on labels like Qilla Records, Charybdis, and The God’s Planet, Midnight Traffic’s blend of  “dark techno with modern sound design, hypnotic rhythms, and deep elements, exploring unique sonic landscapes.”

We’re premiering Free Fall a brooding, skippy, late-night throbber.

Listen below: