Premiere: DJ bwin – Cell Phone

5 Minute Read

DJ bwin readies a new EP on First Second Label – a nod to the old school sound of Dubstep.

Sat in the park, listening to music on an old headset, watching as the world goes by with a wry smile and a hint of summertime nostalgia lingering in the air. It was warm and thick.

He watched as some kids kicked a football around on the grass, over in the corner another group were attempting to jump bikes. The smell of a barbecue drifted on the occasional breeze and the sound of popping bottles was startling from time to time. It was all in good spirits…

This was a simpler time, a dreamy time, before the flickering screens and the ringing of a damn cell phone…


DJ bwin pays homage to the sound of proper Dubstep on a new EP. The fresh faced producer has bold intentions and delivers a masterclass in bass weight on First Second Label. Watch out, you’ll probably hear this one damaging a sound system near you soon.

Listen below: