Premiere: Cabasa – LVN711

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Written by Alasdair King

Belgian label nacht launches with first split EP featuring this track from Cabasa.

There were strange noises which echoed upon the breeze – delicate sounds which took him back to a time long ago when life was peaceful and less chaotic.

He tried to listen to each one, picking out the instrumentation which made each sound remarkable and alluring.

As the night fell he became enchanted by them all, laying amidst the long tall grass he dreamt and pondered of another life. One in less disarray…


Cabasa is set to appear on the first EP from the newly launched imprint, nacht. Based in Leuven, Belgium – nacht has thus far been a small party showcasing diy electronic music from locals and international guests. Now they are set to launch their own record label, channeling sounds which represent the party and their perspectives.