Premiere: D3U5E – Upward

PRGMM003 – D3U5E Artwork

A new EP from D3U5E & Gav on London’s Programm.

The glass building soared high into the sky, its floor to ceiling windows reflecting the sun as dusk set in. He surveyed the city below him; from up here the people looked like tiny ants, much like the team of workers he now forced to do his bidding. It hadn’t been easy for him to get to this level of superiority, he’d had to step on a lot of people to make it to the top; something only certain people could do without guilt or shame trailing them. The only trajectory he had set his mind on was upwards.

There’s been a lot of good stuff coming out of the Programm camp: the London-based label dealing in “system frequencies to make you dance.” Since launching with a VA of their nearest and dearest, they’ve set the tone for their explorations into breaks, dubstep and bass, following this up with their first proper EP: a four-tracker from D3U5E & Gav, that paid homage to conspiracy theories, obsession and corporate illusion. Now D3U5E returns solo to take care of the label’s third release, delivering two tracks that showcase his own spin on shuffling bass-driven electronics.