Premiere: Jun Kamoda – A DJ In The Full House

5 Minute Read

Grungy House music at its best – fast paced and raw.

The room was dark as they entered cautiously – it had been so very long since someone had entered the space, let alone someone like him. It were as if the shadows of long lost dancers were still swaying back and forth beneath the disco ball which shimmered up above. There was dust everywhere, murky corners that had been untouched for decades. \

He wondered whether the music might still even work in a place like this? Would it sound the same?

Who still danced these days anyways? 

As he approached the booth at the forefront of the hall he began to tickle with excitement at the thought of it all. The lights, the people, the music, the past. It was time to breathe again…


Jun Kamoda has worked hard, releasing music which has since gone on to be supported and played by the likes of Ben UFO, Eclair Fifi and Tim Sweeney to name a few. His music is raw in places, capturing the true energy and origins of House music in a unique way. This latest EP is perhaps his most accomplished to date…

Listen below: