Premiere: NIQH – Planet Market

5 Minute Read
PS_NIQHAlbumCover_ Familiar Rift 3000×3000

Futuristic world building sounds on Plasma Sources.

This was a world in which money reigned supreme. One might be able to exchange and buy to the hearts content – for what else was there but for the very status of fancy goods and material things? This was planet market – a world in which life came second to the idea of purchase.

The clouds were thick and moody overhead, reminiscent of the sentiment and world which existed down below. Sellers shouted, hustlers moved fast and those out for a quick steal had to be speedy in the midst of the chaos. There were no rules on planet market – it was simply a battle to the top by any means necessary.

What was the price?


NIQH takes us on a futuristic trip. This latest record on Plasma Sources draws upon influence from science fiction and features a style of world building and ambient construction which is intriguing and highly listenable.

Listen below: