Premiere: Giuseppe Leonardi – Deadline

5 Minute Read

Synth infused Pop meets leftfield Balearic dreams on a new release for Unsure.

Running through the corridors he began to panic. Why did he always leave everything to the very last minute? The sound of the school bell rang loudly as he weaved quickly between passing groups of giggling girls and boisterous boys. Heaven forbid that he might be late…

He could already hear the words of his teacher ringing and reverberating. Those words sent the fear of god up his spine as the deadline loomed and time was running out.

Racing between lockers, quick, through the canteen. Almost there…


Giuseppe Leonardi is set to release an eclectic assortment of leftfield Pop, Balearic infused House and other oddball synth experiments on Unsure. It follows off the back of appearances on Music From Memory affiliated offshoot Second Circle.

Listen below: