Premiere: Facets Ft Marija Kovacević – Noć

5 Minute Read
OMDD53 3000×3000 facets

Wild arpeggios on a new EP for Optimo Music Digital Dancefloor.

The night was young but tell that to the sky. There was a dense thick black which hung thick over the city like a weighted blanket smothering all beneath. Groups of young people stood on street corners, leather clad, waiting for it all to kick off.

Some huddled around fires, others sat perched on balconies or terraces looking out on the occasional passer by who’d happened to stroll through the wrong neighbourhood.

This was the troubled side of town, where the wild things lived and nobody played by the rules. Few dared to come here after dark for if they did, well they might not back.


Facets invites Marija Kovacević to contribute to a synth laden masterpiece reminiscent of slick 80’s nostalgia and neon lights. This track is a driving cut taken from a new EP on Optimo Music. Think smoke machines and flashing lazers, think fast cars and sunsets, think big.

Listen below: