The Pirate Hotmix: ELLES

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ELLES 23-1 copy

The next instalment in our fast paced mix series features one of London’s most interesting producers and DJ’s of the moment, ELLES.

This series has seen us team up with Pirate Studios to spotlight artists and challenge them to a quick fire mix showcasing as many blends, transitions, tips and tricks as possible in a short time.

Next up is ELLES, a familiar face in the London underground music scene who has released music on the likes of Naive and Love On The Rocks. A wicked DJ and a talented producer, she is set to release new music and has just launched her own new label, Emotional Intel.


Her music sits precariously placed between a number of styles and genres, yet cannot necessarily be pigeon holed. At times it’s dark and pensive, at others it’s light and euphoric. It’s all mood based and as reflective as much of ELLES own character and emotion as it is in an attempt to be one thing or another.

This mix and interview was recorded at Pirate Studios in Dalston and showcases a playful, versatile approach to DJ’ing – something which ELLES is keen to cement in the idea that the role of a DJ is to soundtrack a moment or experience in time. The dancefloor is the place to let loose and this mix celebrates that.

Watch the interview and enjoy her exclusive Pirate Hotmix below:



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