Premiere: DJ Himitsu – Three Acid

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Premiere: DJ Himitsu – Acid Three [Lunatic Music]

Lunatic Music’s second release is the debut from London-based Tokyo-born producer DJ Himitsu.

DJ Himitsu played a tune so absurd,
“Three Acid” on repeat, oh my word!
Lunatic Music took us on a ride,
Beats and rhythms dancing side by side.

The moon joined in with a laugh so bright,
Stars grooved along, oh what a sight!
Himitsu scratched vinyl in the cosmic sea,
A nonsensical jam for you and me.


We’re premiering the percussive acid of “Acid Three”. The EP also features a remix from Dexter Gregg under his Solid State guise. Available on Vinyl and Digital from 4th September on Lunatic Music

Listen below: