Premiere: o.utlier – Isochrone

5 Minute Read

Deep thinking Electronics from o.utlier on a new album for Appian Sounds.

The mountains were snow capped and stark in comparison to the radiant blue sky against they were perched. The sheer scale of their presence was magnificent and terrifying at the same time. It was enough to make you feel very, very small…

Overhead there were chemtrails, pale flakey white lines in the sky. However, there was not a plane to be seen.

As he strolled across the mountain tops, taking in the ever changing view, he began to wonder what it might be like to live out here in the middle of nowhere. For there was nothing but the pale blue, the thick white and a sense of beautiful, delicate isolation.


o.utlier is set to release a new album called ‘Alaya’, an excellent assortment of thoughtful Electronic music for reflective moments and finding clarity. This is atmospheric music at its very best.

Listen below: