Premiere: Daddy Hyphen – It’s Raining (Sativa)

5 Minute Read

Bristol label Rezonant Body explores a futuristic iteration of Bass music.

It had seemed as if it might never come, the clouds had been absent from this part of town for ever so long and what had once been lush, dense and green had shrunk and dried beyond any sort of recognition. The summer had been brutal, long and brutal.

They had dreamed that one day the heavens might descend once again to save them all from the bitter heat which had become their tormentor.

Now, as darkness fell across the land, they watched and waited with eager anticipation for the sweet moment of release.

It was raining once again…


Rezonant Body showcase a new wave of Bass and Techno on a split EP from Vilhelm and Daddy Hyphen. Think deep, ominous basslines and abstract sound design, with one foot in the club and another in a distant galaxy.

Listen below: