Premiere: Çâline With C – Wendy(Venderstrooik Remix)

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Dynamic EBM with a punchy undercurrent.

She was dancing all alone, the room was crowded but it were as if she was the only ethereal creature of note. For everyone else was not there really, at least not in the same way as she was. She was really there. An eternal body which moved and weaved between the walls long after everyone had left the club. It was as if her very spirit lived within the brickwork which made this house a home. Perhaps that is what it was, her home.

Wendy was her name but it could be anything to anyone given the time of day. For she was all things to all people – a happy smile, a guilty conscience, a careless whisper, a slow dance, a wild romance. She was a moment in time – a vision in the midst of the night only to be forgotten as the sun rose. She was everyone’s ghost…


Çâline With C is set to release new music on Electrifying Impact – a raucous EBM infused record destined to bang in the small dark rooms for which it was intended for. Intricate and heavy at the same time, this one will do just fine on the floor.

Listen below: