Dj Shadow announces new album

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The acclaimed producer is set to release a new album called ‘Action Adventure’ on the 27th of October later this year.

Dj Shadow has announced the release of a new album. It was teased via the release of a new track and music video for a single called ‘Ozone Scraper’. Forthcoming on Mass Appeal/Liquid Amber the record features fourteen tracks based around the use of samples and instrumental vision.

He explains the process behind the album:

“I didn’t want to write music that was formatted for vocalists. I wanted to write music that flexed different energies. Which chord progression would be most natural here, and which would be least predictable?”

Over the years Dj Shadow has remained significant in the midst of underground experimental electronic music and hip hop – his music having been reimagined in a variety of contexts.


The new album remains true to the origins of the Dj Shadow sound which has always been rooted in showcasing abstract samples and reworking the material to create something new entirely.

The tracklist can be seen below:

1. Ozone Scraper
2. All My
3. Time and Space
4. Craig, Ingels, & Wrightson
5. Witches Vs. Warlocks
6. A Narrow Escape
7. You Played Me
8. Free For All
9. The Prophecy
10. Friend Or Foe
11. Fleeting Youth (An Audible Life)
12. Reflecting Pool
13. Forever Changed
14. She’s Evolving

Watch the music video for the new single: