Premiere: DOTT – Trouble Don’t Last

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mr side

The Thai & Korean record labels team up with another EP of wicked, experimental House music.

The rain was pouring down hard, it had been all day. There was a dim light which flickered in the window at the end of the street, everything else was dark but for the occasional glimmer of a car passing by up on the hillside in the distance. He wondered how it had come to this – out here in the middle of nowhere. If someone had asked him whether he might find himself in such a situation he’d of laughed before – yet now here he was.

It was a cold night, another bitter winter. He could only hope that he’d find his way back home by the time the warmer months came around. Trouble didn’t last that long – it couldn’t could it?

Soon everything would be normal again, at least he hoped.


DOTT features on a new split EP from More Rice – the Thailand based record label which continues to evolve and grow from strength to strength as it showcases innovative musicians and artists from across Asia. They team up with Walls & Pals for a special release. This new record features a collection of deep. playful, experimental House music.

Listen below: