Premiere: Brian Wenner – Chop Shop

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PREMIERE: Brian Wenner – Chop Shop [Grind Select]

Real-time compositions created by combining sample collage techniques and live electronic improvisations

Brian Wenner at the Chop Shop so neat, Grind Select beats in a rhythmic feat,

Dancing to tunes with mismatched shoes, Nonsense groove, we’ve got no clues!

In a whirlwind of chaos, we twirl and spin, Chop Shop antics, where fun begins,
With Brian Wenner, the king of the crop, Grind Select rhythms, we can’t stop!

In this wacky world of playful delight, Where sense and nonsense collide in flight,
Brian Wenner’s Chop Shop, a wild ride, Grind Select tunes, our hearts open wide!



Brooklyn-based music composer, sound designer and performer Brian Wenner – previously known as Prism House – combines sample collage techniques and live electronic improvisation to create real-time compositions. His new album “Age of Execution” on Grind Select is out on November 10, 2023. We’re premiering the latest single, ‘Chop Shop,’

‘Chop Shop’ was recorded in a single improvisational take and embodies a scattered, frenetic energy. Short sound snippets were randomly arranged and layered to create evolving melodic and rhythmic phrases that bounce around the listener. The video by Giselle Angeles compliments the track by placing the music inside of various distinct 3-D visual environments that shift and pulse in time. The organic virtual landscapes add a human component and juxtaposition to the synthetic sounding musical ideas.

Wenner’s experimental sound design in large-scale public performance spaces centres around improvised sample playback manipulation using a modular system and field recordings.

Listen below: