Premiere: Ana Luisa & Seb – Cintura

5 Minute Read

South America is the focus of a new compilation from Jupiter4.

Fast and furious, the car meandered in a chaotic flurry through the suburbs with a wild roar. Onlookers would rush to watch as it flew past, screeching tyres and flashing lights illuminated the chase as it careered down hill in escape from that which chased it.

Behind it was the sound of wild sirens and wicked men. Shots echoed and clapped in the air as the warmth from the midsummer air sweltered and made it hard to breathe.

It was going to be a damn long night. The only thing left to do was drive – hard and fast.


Ana Luisa & Seb feature on a wicked new compilation from Argentina via Berlin label Jupiter4 which shines a spotlight on some of the most exciting and energetic talent to emerge from the South American electronic music scene. This one is a block rockin’ banger – the type that sounds all the wilder the louder it gets.

Listen below: