Premiere: Mulholland – 4UrSins

5 Minute Read

Grimey UK sounds with filthy bass wobbles and killer samples.

The graveyard was empty but for her, she sat perched on a bench looking out as the wind blew softly through the trees. She came here every year to pay homage to what had once been – all the bad, good and all.

Perhaps it was 4hersins that she suffered. Perhaps it was some other reason entirely.

She sighed as he began to walk across the empty field, listening out for the rumbling in the clouds up above, for they always rumbled. Especially in May.


Mulholland is set to release a heavy hitting EP via Amity which features brutal bass, deep subs and enough wobble to blow your bass bin to pieces. Just the way we like it. This one bangs all the way from the top down.

Listen below: