Premiere: Alan Strani – Apocalypso (I:Cube Remix)

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Alan Strani, in a tux so fancy, Danced the Apocalypso, feeling so chancy…

With I:Cube Remix, the rhythm did enhance, see,
In Bordello A Parigi, where dreams run free.

He twirled and he swirled, his moves so bizarre, Apocalypso madness, like a shooting star, I:Cube’s beats, like a wild electric guitar, In Bordello A Parigi, where no rules are.

The night went on, a surreal cabaret, Alan Strani’s dance, a wild display, Apocalypso and I:Cube’s sway, In Bordello A Parigi, where we all stray.


Alan Strani returns to Bordello with a remix package of his album title track ‘Apocalypso’ featuring I:Cube – which we’re premiering here + Lauer, In Flagranti and himself on remix duties.

Listen below: