Premiere: Foss, Luis Pestana, Rivet – Mondana

5 Minute Read

A pensive, rising piece of music first showcased at Intonal Festival. brought together by SHAPE.

As they approached the top of the summit they knew soon that their time would be up. For they had travelled far and wide across this earth in search of something that was not there but ought to be. A god, a figure or a beacon of hope that might offer some rhyme or reason for all else that occurred down below.

As the cold wind blew it sent a chill down the spine, perhaps even more fiercely now that they knew it was not sent from some place beyond the abyss. It was born within this world and everything else was too – all the evil, suffering and peril of a million lives.

Snow began to pour from the sky up above – it was bitter and harsh against the backdrop of a blackened night sky,


A beautiful. chaotic crescendo of noise and elegance from Portuguese composer Luis Pestana, Malmö’s Rivet, and American contrabassist Gregory Vartian-Foss. This piece was first performed and showcased at Intonal Festival and is now seeing the light of day via Midnight Shift.

Listen below: