Premiere: Tano – 10 – 11 (Toumba Remix)

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RED009 (3000px Cover)

Heavy hitting percussive Bass music as Toumba is invited to rework Tano on a new EP for Redstone press.

The night was young but it already seemed ever so frantic and free in the club. It was as if they had already been there for hours as they danced and moved between the flickering lights as smoke began to fill the air. From the corner of his eye he watched as fellow dancers and revellers continued to file down the stairs and into the murky abyss below.

Perhaps this was his favourite time of the night? The quiet calm before the storm – the music loud but not yet punishing, the pace moody and slow in time with his swaying hips.

He watched as the world beneath became busier and one by one the people came and went. This was a special place, that much was true. Perhaps 10-11 was the best time of all?


Redstone Press continue in the pursuit of leftfield Bass music and harder sounds – the next EP on the label coming from Tano and featuring remixes by the likes of Toumba and Delay Grounds. This one features off piste rhythms and percussion – keeping the energy flowing in the best and weirdest of ways.

Listen below: