we actually like #36


Herbie Hancock – Twighlight Clone 

Herbie Hancock’s proto-everything funk monster from 1981 is an absolute beast of mystic Egyptian Space music.  Matching a ridiculously tight synth and bass groove with occasional mystical melodies and underpinned with a a strict, percussive rhythm, it’s a true beauty. Find it on the Magic Windows LP, which also features the Sylvester collaboration Magic Number, another absolute dream. (Joe) 

Last Waltz – Glamour Thing from Tusk Wax 11a

Ah the lovely Tusk Wax finally get hold of them Geordie lot Last Waltz with the first of two releases for the label.

“Glamour Thing” is an arpeggiated motoric beast that chugs (a flattering term these days) into outer space. This shit is the new dancefloor psychedelia. There’s also a nice Jamie Blanco mix on the flip of the 12″ plus a soundscape on “”Beholden (part 1)” with a reaasembling of them lot Foals. Goodness.