Track By Track: Magit Cacoon – Other Dimension


When Magit Cacoon moved from her home of Tel-Aviv to the cultural hub of Berlin, things really started to take flight. In the time she's been there she's played live all over the place and now even has her own record label, Girl Scout.

If all this weren't enough to keep her busy she's even gone and put a tasty LP together which has just come out via Upon. You Records. She gives us a little bit of an insight into each track which you can read through as you listen to Other Dimension in full right here;

Plant M

It is the opening sequence that redefines the structure between life and death. With an abundance of sounds strung together in a short amount of time, the emotions run deep and beyond a sense of reality. 

Crime (Who's afraid of Berlin)

Its heartbeat rhythm symbolizes how the soul continues to breath and feel the coldness surrounding itself.

Love Express

The hypnotic, melodic repetition that concentrates itself on the vocal element keep one in the moment, in a crimson red frame of mind… The warmth stemming from the beats do not deter the focus off the fascination of the words sung, but instead accompany them, making the track whole. 

4.Freedom is timeless
The track makes an effective statement: escape the feels that weigh one down, feel the sense of happiness and the optimism of what a new day brings. The entire vibe and tune is based on new beginnings and letting oneself be free.

Other Dimension

What starts as smooth, harmonic techno builds up with intensity as space type soft beats envelop the rhythm at unexpected moments… one loses himself in the element of mystery. 

Oddity Sound

Here is the break: simple measures that exemplify calm, ocean waves.

No Compromise

A massive base line creates an perplexing ambience that is in between the throes of space and the current reality. 


A higher state of mind trip illuminates the dark edges of this track. From the very first moment the insanity hits. 

Ghetto Xberg

An illustration of Berlin: the acid feel is kicked into high gear by the fluctuating base. 

Summertime Space

The substance of the track is characterized by the experimental vibe. 


An indefinite end.

Other Dimension is out now via Upon. You Records.