Thunder Picks #023


So I got told off by the boss last week for missing my deadline. Well, when I say I missed it and I came as about as close as Chris Waddle did to tucking that penalty away in Turin. Nowhere near. Anyhoo, here I am, with MAN-SIZED Thunder Picks. 


Meda Fury new label


Apparently Meda Fury is a new London based label, distributed by R&S Records, bringing new and established producers together from across the globe. House music is a broad artform – and over each release we will be exploring the infinite possibilities within this genre. Using the extended player as a story-telling canvas we hope to create a breeding ground and network for disparate artist. Well, that goes without saying, really doesnt it? What you maybe dont know, is its the brainchild of Nick from Phonica Records. And one thing Nick definitely has is an ear for great music. Ive lost count of the amount of records that hes pulled for me by artists Ive never heard of, on labels Ive never heard of, that Ive then bought and have gone on to become staples of my record box. So, all things being equal, he should pick up and put out some pretty decent music. The first release sets the bar pretty high too, by Italian producer Hazylujah, it has an almost dreamlike quality. To be honest, I dont really know how to describe half of it, ethno-birdsong-dreamhouse? Its very, very good though.

Have a listen.

Neville Watson Hot and Heavy EP (Dont Be Afraid)


Mr Watson is back with his first original productions since he released, for me, what is the house music album of year back in the summer. And if you thought that he couldnt get any better after that, you were wrong, because the title track on the EP is without doubt one of the best records Neville has ever produced!




Red RackEm In Love Again (Remix on Wolf Music)


I first heard this record, which is based around samples of Outkast Prototype, a few years ago on a DJ Nature mix (Beats In Space, I think) and it stopped me in my tracks. Very simple but very effective, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was made by a mate of Thunder, Danny Red RackEm. That didnt help me get a copy though because it sold-out sharpish. Dannys now releasing remixed version of it and trendy-young-things label Wolf Music. Its slightly more up-tempo and a bit more house set friendly, although that said, DJs that cant work a slightly slower record into their set probably need to have a little word with themselves. The remix is in the shops now but heres the original slower version. Deal with it!



Akra Surf on a Waveform (Greg Beato mix)


Heres something to tide you over until the new Greg Beato EP is out on Apron in a few weeks his remix of Akra on Rebirth Records. Pressing up on a transparent electric blue 10 (yeah, yeah, I know it doesnt matter but it does look nice), Gregs unique percussion is instantly recognisable and as abrasive as ever, but he manages to weave in some ravey synths without making them sound cheesy too. The boys on fire – and the other side isnt too bad either!





Six (yes, 6) of my favourite things in the whole wide world, combined on one record Rising Sun, Sven Weismann, Kristofferson Kristofferson, clear vinyl, annoyingly limited editions and records that play inside out! 100 copies and they only seem to be available via Bandcamp. Be quick.



Anti-Picks The Person Who Those Little Cartoons of DJs for FACT Mixes


How on earth did this person get a job drawing anything? Absolutely useless. In FACT (lol), its bloody good job the name of the DJ is written next the picture or you wouldnt stand a chance. Actually, maybe we could get them printed up cards and it turn that into some sort Guess the DJ  of game? Err, um, is it Kat Slater?, Nope, Tiga. Dont even get me onto the one of Mark E


Party of the (next) Week Part 1 Holic, Saturday 30 November


Holic have been around for almost 10 years now and have a well-deserved reputation for throwing brilliant parties for their hard-core crowd. They always been slightly nomadic but some of the best parties theyve done in recent year have been at Bar 1001 on Brick Lane, and on Saturday 30 November they return there for a massive all-dayer. Theres loads of DJs, including Holics top boy Tomoki, Andy Bird and Robert Ouch from Lover Fever and, oh, me! Full details here 


Party of the (next) Week Part 2  Dance Tunnel 1st Birthday Party, Saturday 30 November


On the same night the Holic party (damn), the home of Thunder and best small club space in London, the Dance Tunnel  celebrates its first birthday. The first year has been a labour of love as Dan, Matt and the team at the club tweak every aspect of the venue to ensure that its as good as it can possibly be. Personally some of the my highlights of the year have been in that basement, first gene Hunt gig in London since the 1990s, finally getting DJ Nature over to play, Rahaan ripping the place up, celebrating Thunders second birthday, Rick Wilhite, Spencer Parker battered his loop machine, Gerd Janson in the most smoke in the history of nightclubs, warming up for Genius of Time and more.  Another highlight for the Dance Tunnel gang was getting mysterious house trio, Italojohnson, over to play. Such a highlight, theyre invited them back to celebrate their birthday. Its bound to be a special night. Full details here


And heres the record that started it all for Italojohnson.



Mix of the Week Trushmix 02 by DJ Fett Burger 


Fett Burger is well established on the list of DJs and producers that really my bloody pumping at the moment. As  a DJ his mixing isnt always beat perfect (its not bad though) but theres variety of selection and energy that the vast majority of DJs simply cant match. This mix is absolutely mint, and like every one of his DJ mixes, theres a whole bunch of tracks I need to ID! So, if you can help with the ones at 26 mins, 36 mins and most importantly, 45 mins (best track Ive heard his year), Ill come round and touch your willy x


Miles Beyond Da Boss Stars Thunder Simpson