Stimming – Influences


German-born Stimming has a multitude of musical talents. As well as producing top-notch music he is also a a dab hand when it comes to playing piano, violin and drums. With a lifelong passion for electronic music it's no wonder that Diynamic have made him into their poster boy. Ahead of his appearances at Diynamic Festival on 30th April in Amsterdam Forest and at Extrema Outdoor Festival in Belgium on 7th June, we asked Stimming to compile a list of some of his greatest influences.

Cinematic Orchestra - All Things To All Men Feat. Roots Manuva

Such an epic piece. I think I don’t need words for this. Thanks for joining me here!

  • Cinematic Orchestra - All Things To All Men Feat. Roots Manuva

    Such an epic piece. I think I don’t need words for this. Thanks for joining me here!

  • Krust - Second Movement

    Krust has been a big influence for me because he has a very special trade mark sound – his radical dryness is something I respect a lot. I’ve been into drum&bass a lot when I was younger, or lets say, when drum&bass for me was still a vital and open musical form and even back then he was one with a very special sound aesthetic. especially on his album “coded language” where this track is from. Here he used a lot real instruments, blended with dirty and dry analogue sounds – very inspiring to me!

  • Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit?

    A great recipe where all the ingredients fit perfectly together. Not too many elements as usual in a dance track and a sort of darkness which clubs are made for (at least the one’s I like). This squarewave-hook that everyone immediately understands without being simple is just great!

  • Disclosure - You & Me Ft. Eliza Doolittle (Flume Remix)

    Everytime I hear this track its making me excited. It makes me feel butterflies in my stomach and I become a little bit envious of Flume as well. Great sidechain compression (the “pop-out” effect)! This is goes into my inspiration box for future tracks.

  • Fink - Berlin Sunrise (With The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)

    I love Fink. When I’m on a plane, flying back home after an exhausting weekend this is the music I listen to. it helps me to sort my mind again. Even when most of his tracks sound kind of blue he has a very sensitive humour in his lyrics which I is like chilli on a mango. (His music is very far away from a mango, more like a biological grown potato without chemicals – I’m german, we love potatoes so this is a big compliment ;))

  • Skunk Anansie - "Infidelity - Only You"

    I rediscovered this a couple of weeks ago and immediately fell in love again – even if I can’t be the one.
    the combination of a rough and dry rock instrumentation with her voice is still stunning and fresh. everyone knows their track hedonism but I thought this one is even better. I love strings, I admit.

  • Amon Tobin - Esther's

    For the one’s who don’t know him – his tracks are released on ninja tune and 2005 he made the game-soundtrack for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. There he developed a very new, very “neo” sound. it is very complicated to follow and its mostly in between sound-design and music but on a sophisticated level which, in my opinion, no one else can reach on our world right now (!). everything that came after (including) chaos theory is worth discovering but I warn you – once your ear is able to follow this, you will find a lot more music very boring!

  • Dj Krush - Dig This Vibe

    DJ Krush is a big influence for me, in my very early years I discovered him through the movie blade. his minimal approach to (tr-)hiphop combined with japanese soundscapes, always at ease but with emotions coming out of a zen garden – I love it. you should also listen to his latest work, especially “black rain” and my favourite album is Kakusei.